Design for Experience Awards: Artemis - McGraw-Hill Higher Education

What can other companies and teams learn from the successes and failures of the way your product, service, or other experience influenced the financial prosperity of the business?
Bring them value, giftwrapped in context

We learned what the customer valued in order to offer them solutions that fit within the given context to drive better business results. Our design is returning McGraw-Hill over 5X’s their development costs, because of the efficiencies it’s producing for their field sales representatives. The design achieved this by unifying disparate systems, embedding controls, and most importantly, structuring information in the
context of use. One rep found the app so intuitive and relevant that he said, “this app is so smart, it’s like it thinks for me”. Looking back, we could not have achieved this without McGraw-Hill’s investment in ethnographic research. The insights our team uncovered, through time spend with the customer, observing their key needs, drove the design towards the solution we ultimately delivered.

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